Antero Laine


acrylic • 91 x 120 cm




Warm yellow outlined in gold, yellow tinged with green, green blended with yellow, calm horizontals, against a straight-lined level and an oval lying on it, from which green bites have been taken: The painting’s space gives way slightly to profundity, but mostly it turns calmly towards the viewer, with sympathy and almost in greeting.

Antero Laine’s (b. 1960) “Form” is the work of a veteran artist showing that a successful painting does not need to be fussed over or be surrounded by rhetoric. Coloured surfaces and a few thoughtfully made lines suffice. In the words of author Antti Hyryä, who believed that a good book could be critiqued in one sentence: “This book has been written using a skilful system and was a good read.” You only need to substitute painting for book and state that Antero Laine’s work was good to look at.

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