Hannu Väisänen

Garden path

acrylic • 180 x 130cm




From the beginning of 2015, the Bank of Finland wanted to hang “March Yellow” in a new spot and reframe it. The work was put into Harri Virtanen’s experienced hands, who, when removing the canvas from its frame, noticed a second canvas. It wasn’t a second interpretation of the same theme rather an entirely separate Hannu Väisänen painting.

 Completely unintentionally, the Bank had bought two paintings, not one. It was a surprise to the artist, too. He said he had long wondered where the painting, done in 2002, had disappeared to.

In his message, Hannu Väisänen tells his “foundling’s” story:

“The background is the plan for a French rectory’s front garden path, due to be built a few years’ ago. I quickly sketched a design for a river rock path. A couple of days later I looked at the drawing and “understood” that it would also make a painting. And so I did.”

The Bank’s art club was really taken with the painting – with good reason – and it was decided that “the foundling” should be bought to keep “March Yellow” company.

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