Eero Hiironen

Here comes spring

copper and steel • 81 x 81 x 3 cm




Eero Hiironen (b. 1938) is the creator of countless significant monumental works, but his creativity is based neither on the size of his works nor on their impressive nature, rather on exceptionally subtle interpretation of the shifts in natural light and movement.

Reflections of water and the movement of the wind are core themes in his works. The mirror-like surfaces of his works reflect not only the viewers’ own movements but also changes in the piece’s environment. The polished steel surface is not constantly its own colour, rather it takes on the colours and light of the environment in which it is set.

Beneath Hiironen’s touch, cold, hard steel yields to form a virtually imperceptibly shifting surface. Contrary to what you think, his works are the product of only a small amount of mechanical and industrial effort. The smooth and matt surfaces that he aims to achieve can, at best, take weeks to reach, sometimes even longer, and it is all done by hand.

The Finns’ close relationship with nature is often questioned and is said to be based merely on taking advantage of the economic use of what nature has to offer. The idolisation of all things natural as a national necessity has taken second place to a more important ecological perspective, in which we see the appealing combination of recreational use and tourism. Whatever the attitude or driving force, Hiironen’s works provide the viewer with the all-important link to nature, aesthetics.

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