Paul Osipow

Paradise View II

oil • 256 x 192 cm




This large composition of Paul Osipow’s (b. 1939) ends up being looked at from a frog’s perspective, when hung on a wall. Its colours, outlines and criss-cross geometric construction have a pure, visual impact on the viewer, and needs no other explanation. Wrong! The name of the piece is a considered choice and hints at where the painting’s inspiration has come from. “Paradise View II” is not the doorway to windswept palm trees wafting on a beach, instead it reveals what is beneath the holiday-maker’s toes.

The artist tells that during his visit to Jamaica he found himself gazing at the pattern of his hotel room’s stone floor and found there the inspiration for a series of paintings and prints. The work acquired by the Bank of Finland is the second in the series. The span of Paul Osipow’s art contains both figurative and abstract works, but frequently it is familiar objects that have influenced his works’ configuration of pure lines and colour. Osipow is one of Finland’s first pop artists and his works reveal how abstract reality can be and how real abstract can be.

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